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SpeakEASY Presents "City Distances"

12.06.2017 11:57

ART OPENING Wednesday, June 21st @ 8:00 PM / 20.00 Uhr

SpeakEASY Is proud to announce the next artist in our Artist-in-Residence program! Taissa Brevilheri ia a Brazilian artist living in Germany. The exhibition will present works from two of her most recent series, "Tapezieren" and "Petrichor" and explore themes of street art, urban life and belonging in a multi-cultural context.

This exhibition presents works that were created in another continent, another context and another culture. As it uses the city as a starting point for it’s development, the distance from where it was created becomes a part of the work. The series gains a new value, the value of being foreigner.

Entrance is free, and includes live music as well!


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