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Hi there! Ready to take your English to the next level?

English is the lingua franca in business, international communication, and educational research. We know the demands of the globalised world and our highly trained staff understand the needs of clients striving to reach a higher level of English.  
Whether you are looking to refresh your skills or you need specific vocabulary for your job, then we have the course for you.  In addition to standard courses, SpeakEASY offers entertaining courses like English in Film and English for Travelers, as well as Business English. Be on the lookout for exciting courses coming up all the time in our course offering list below.
Do you have job-related needs in English?  We also offer special English language courses that focus on job-related skills such as email composition, report writing, negotiations, business networking, small talk, presentations, public speaking and conferences.

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Kurs Typ

Einheiten (UE*)


Einmal pro Woche Gruppenkurs


(2 UE  pro Woche)

30 UE / 15 Wochen

60 UE / 30 Wochen


€747 or 2 pmts. of €390

Zweimal pro Woche Gruppenkurs

(4 UE pro Woche)

60 UE / 15 Wochen

€747 or 2pmts. of €390




Einmalige Anmeldegebühr für neue Studenten




Kurs Typ

Einheiten (UE*)


Standard Privat

10 UE

25 UE

50 UE

100 UE
200 UE

€48 per UE

€44 per UE

€38 per UE

€34 per UE
€32 per UE


Kurs Typ

Einheiten (UE*)


Standard Semi-Privat Kurs
2-on-1 Kurs

10 UE

25 UE

50 UE
100 UE

€26 per UE

€24 per UE

€22 per UE
€20 per UE

*1 UE = 45 min.


Intensive course

4 TH daily

09:00am - 12:00pm

12:00pm - 3:00pm

3:00pm -6:00 pm

6:00-9:00 pm

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Group course

Conversation courses

Professional training



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Private course

One-on-one course

Two-on-one course

flexible lessons

tailored course


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